It happened right here in Pebble Beach

Sergio Garcia will be competing in the US Open at Pebble Beach this Thursday. It is not just any US Open, neither in the history of the Majors, nor for the USGA itself and, of course, neither for Sergio García.

Anyone knows that Pebble Beach is a legendary venue, but for the Spaniard, the California course has an even more special meaning.It was at Pebble Beach where Garcia played the first US Open of his career in 2000.

Since is debut back then Sergio has never missed a single US Open and his track record is noteworthy: He has 5 top ten finishes in this Major, only surpassed by The Open with 10 top ten finishes.Sergio returns to Pebble Beach ready to show that his relationship with this beautiful corner of the American west coast is very special.