Sergio shows character at Riviera

It was not the best week for Sergio García in terms of the result, but it was one of those tournaments of which one comes out  stronger. The start of the Genesis Open was twisted, but Sergio managed to recover and pass the cut.

It could have been an easy week to get carried away. Sergio started with a round of 75 strokes and the tournament got very uphill. In addition, there were difficult conditions - interruptions, lots of rain and wind. Sergio, instead of letting himself go, gritted his teeth and turned it around.

His numbers in the last three rounds were top ten, although the accumulated ballast of the first day made it impossible to finish higher. By the way, Garcia tried a new technique with the putter. He played with the shaft anchored to the left arm.

But now is the time to look forwards to the WGC Mexico that is being played this week.