Sergio tames the R1 driver and names it his “starter”


The man from Borriol will bag a new putter and a new driver he’s bringing into line.

The TaylorMade R1 is working fine and this week will “start” for the Spaniard. García is more than happy with the performance of this new TaylorMade “bazooka”, and although he had to make some adjustments with every passing day, he feels more at ease with his driver. “I already put in play the R1 at Los Angeles and we’ve working with it. As time passes by I feel more comfortable with it”, said Garcia.

He will also bag a new putter, although it’s not far removed from his previous short stick. “It’s very similar and the only difference is on the neck. The first time I used it I felt at home with it and I hope it works fine”.

Sergio does not have the best feelings coming into this event, but he aims for victory this week as usual. “We are trying to feel the best we can and we will see what happens. The course is in superb conditions and I hope I can trust my swing and have a good week”.

The player from Castellon has a score to settle with Doral and he will try to get even before the remodeling work starts in the course on Monday. “It’s not a course I’m usually good at. I’ve had a few good rounds, but it’s not one of my favorite courses. Even so, I hope I can be near the top coming Sunday”.

Finally, García also expressed his view about the anchoring ban proposed by the R&A and the USGA, an issue that would affect mostly players using a belly putter. “I don’t particularly mind because I don’t use it, but I’m not against the ban. The most important thing is having a common stance. As George O’Grady, the CEO of European Tour, said recently, PGA Tour should follow the same path. It’s not very nice that a top-level golf organization goes against golf’s ruling bodies”.