"We have to give all credit to Chris"


Congratulations to the winner... "I gave it my best effort and without doing anything spectacular I managed to get a good round, but we should all give credit to Chris for his eagle on the 18th hole and, above all, the way he came back from a bad beginning. It is not easy to recover in the last round when you have a bad start and you are losing ground. He deserves it and I want to congratulate him".

The putt on the 15th hole... "I left it only a tad short. I hit it a little soft and the ball jumped two times, but come on, I have to hit the ball more solid. Anyway, you never know… Perhaps if I had holed that putt on the 15th I would have missed it on the 17th or the 18th. It all evens out in the long run".

Season debut... "I leave with a good feeling, it’s been a very positive week. The second and third day I felt quite well, the first wasn't bad at all and today, without being excellent, I've hit good shots, I approached well and I putted well. Anyway, I have to keep improving".